Monday, January 17, 2011

Yay! My first visitors came!

I'm really excited that you checked out this site, thank you so much :) I was wondering what peoples oldest figurines were and if they could send me an image of it to then I will put them up on the site and you can see everyones :) If you have any other ideas for things to put up then email me at the address I listed or post a comment with your fabulous idea :D



  1. Hi Mara,
    My oldest Schleich is a Musk Ox. That is not old but you won't believe the trouble I had finding one and the price that I eventually paid. I would send a photo but I just haven't got a clue how to set about doing that. My second oldest is the Crossbow soldier for the Lion army and that cost an arm and a leg also. The oldest thing in my collection is of course me, but I wasn't made by Schleich so don't qualify.

  2. See what I mean? I haven't got a clue about technology. I thought that I sent this message as Etienne and it came out as coming from Michael. OK we are one and the same.

  3. My oldest Schleich figurines, that I bought myself, were the Arab stallion 13248 and Shire gelding 13247 - I bought them together in 2002.

  4. heyy guys :) thanks for the comments :) I'm really excited that this page has actually had some views -- and also amazingly two followers and some comments. It really means a lot to me :) My oldest ones, which you will see a photo of once I take one, are a mother and baby pink pig. They are definitely schleich, but from before dates were stamped on the underneath - unfortunately they are a bit battered because they are toys from my childhood, my second oldest is a 1995 horse (it's either a hanoverian mare or a yegua quarter horse??)

    Again thanks soooo much for helping this along with your support, it has made me sooo happy :)

  5. I heart Shcleich. It blends well with my German heritage, ya know? Right now, I'm working on finishing my lion pride and golden retriever family. I always liked their motto: "Anywhere's a playground." Their great toys because their super portable and very sturdily made. I may not have any of the antiques, but I like my collection. :) The toys are simple enough to allow for a ton of imagination. I love them because their old-fashioned. Thnaks for making this blog! :)